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I had an interesting little revalation yesterday while talking to Maggie. I am, in fact, exactly where I wanted myself to be now three years ago.

That is, between then and now, I completed all the goals I had for myself in that time.
- I had a long-term relationship, which ended well (ending was not planned, but everything has a time)
- I got into precisely the university course I wanted
- I travelled the world, and have visited all the places at the top of to-see my list
- I'm able to get around in two languages other than English
- I've become more socially adept
- I've become able to manage my time effectively where necessary
- I'm more confident socially

All those and a few more.

Why am I writing this here, anyway? I know there's a few people who read it. So, I guess that's the release of knowing I recorded some of my surface thoughts and someone else is likely to read them. I don't tend to write for myself; if I wanted a private diary, it would be in an encrypted folder, not on livejournal.

Oh well. Life's a mystery... that's half the fun of it :D

Edit: Oops, I just realised I'd typed "was planned" instead of "wasn't planned". >_>
avi: Made this when I was about... oh, 13? 14? >_> (Default)
I took some time to read through all my old lj entries.

I have come to a simple conclusion: I was damn whiny as a 15 year old. I was also far less self-confident than I am now, but I knew that. My, how times and travel change a person ^_^ Well, not so much self-confidence... I never had an issue with that. It was more that I was certain there was nobody out there who actually liked me as a person, rather than just tolerating me.

I've gotten over that, and typically, I was quite incorrect at the time as well. I hope and pray I'm a more pleasant person to be around than I was at 15 :)


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