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2009-06-14 08:48 pm
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I fixed the cake! (improved maccha cake recipe)

So for this recipe, I have fixed it! If making the maccha variety:
  • replace the apple sauce with coconut cream
  • replace the olive oil with sunflower seed oil
And it comes out much more tea-like :D

avi: Made this when I was about... oh, 13? 14? >_> (Default)
2009-06-10 03:07 pm
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Sooo the guys I usually order my tea from had a clearance sale recently, so I ordered 100g organic sencha (煎茶) and 100g  ryokucha (緑茶). I'll mostly use the ryokucha to make cakes, and the sencha will replace my usual fukamushi sencha (which is a particularly delicate flavour, since the leaves are steamed for longer during production) for my ~3L daily green tea intake.

Since I buy tea from Aya every month or two, they've taken to sending me small gifts with most orders. Usually it's just a sample of a different type of tea, but this time they sent me an adorable teatowel :D

All you small specialty shops out there: this is how you keep customers! ^_^
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2009-06-05 05:51 pm
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Microwave Maccha (or Mocha!) Cake

First off, this microwave chocolate cake is incredible, with my simplest variation being to use wholemeal flour, rum instead of vanilla essence, and I tend to crumble a block of dark chocolate rather than buying overpriced chocolate chips.

I have, however, two more drastic variations to share with the world. Both are caffeinated, both are full of AWESOME.

Microwave Maccha (or Mocha) Cake )