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2009-09-14 09:24 pm
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Cost you to keep me quiet

 Imogen Heap's new album, Ellipse, has been running on repeat for 3 days now. One song, Aha!, spent most of last evening on repeat by itself. I never listen to songs on repeat for that long! Whole albums at least, usually...

I love this album :D

I read a really scathing review this morning that showed no understanding of the music, which made me feel sad about the state of humanity. Reading the comments made me feel even worse... especially the idiot pretending to be Spider Jerusalem. If you're going to use that name, you'd damn better live up to it Q(-.-Q) Should sic some Warren Ellis fans on the bastard.
avi: Made this when I was about... oh, 13? 14? >_> (Default)
2009-06-12 04:35 pm
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Addicted to the voices

I've been stuck listening to nothing but KOTOKO lately, occasionally sprinkled with some Covenant, ルルティア or 子坂りゆ. KOTOKO in particular is brilliant... I caught myself this morning sitting and listening in bed, not even eating breakfast until a couple hours after I woke up because I was enjoying listening too much.

Music :D

Also, I've created a few new characters for the first time in a while, applying for new play-by-post RP's. I particularly like this guy- hopefully he'll be accepted!

This is extra! lol-worthy. The things people do with their free time... XD