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Avi ([personal profile] avi) wrote2010-01-28 04:46 pm

Hostels are hilarious.

[16:33] Avi: There is this mildly creepy guy at this hostel
[16:33] Maggie: lol
[16:33] Avi: Who claims to be ex-special forces
[16:33] Avi: Which is almost certainly bullshit
[16:33] Avi: :P
[16:33] Avi: And hits on everyone with tits
[16:33] Avi: He's middle aged and dresses like a douche -.-
[16:34] Maggie: :/
[16:34] Avi: And he just... floats around the hostel
[16:34] Avi: Doesn't go anywhere
[16:34] Avi: Cooks his meals in the kitchen
[16:34] Avi: Probably has a room, I guess
[16:34] Avi: Never seen him go to it :P
[16:35] Avi: There is also a slightly less creepy and more amusing Spanish goth girl who claims to be in Japan because she wanted to see her very famous Japanese boyfriend
[16:35] Maggie: haha oh dear
[16:35] Avi: But he works too much and never has time for her so she broke up with him.
[16:35] Avi: So she is living in this hostel, 2 months so far?
[16:35] Avi: And she sits on the couch and gives people cookies.
[16:36] Avi: (sits on the couch with her laptop)
[16:36] Maggie: XD
[16:36] Maggie: that's great
[16:36] Maggie: where does she get the cookies?
[16:37] Avi: From home?
[16:37] Avi: They're spanish cookies.
[16:37] Avi: Maybe she buys them at an imported foods shop.
[16:37] Avi: There are a few of them around.
[16:37] Avi: :P
[16:37] Maggie: nice
[16:38] Avi: Ooh, and I think my hangover's completely gone now :D
[16:38] Avi: I went to my room to go to bed last night
[16:38] Avi: And instead everyone staying in that dorm room decided we would split a bottle of shochu.
[16:39] Avi: So between the 5 of us we finish a $12 750mL bottle of spirits
[16:39] Avi: finished*
[16:39] Maggie: haha awesome
[16:39] Avi: Which meant mostly me and the French guy, 'cause the Turk was trying to stay somewhat sober and the Koreans have no tolerance.
[16:39] Avi: xD
[16:40] Avi: Hostels are hilarious.